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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's Worth the time!

Hay Team

If you havn't heard of Rich Schefren than you have just not been on the net lately.

I like his style. His byline on his blog is "More Money, More Business, More Time Off."

Now that sounds like a good thing right? Well when I asked some friends the other night if they had watched his video. They replied we don't have the time to spend watching a 90 minute video.

Well may I suggest that Rich's principals are textbook while drawing on the power of todays technology to achieve the desired results.

Or in other words this is a GOOD THING and WORTH THE TIME!

So I am giving you a link to Richs' Blog so that you will have all of his little gems all in one place.

If you want to sign up for his training program that is entirely up to you. You would be in some very highly estemed internet guru company like Jim Edwards, IF you could get in that is.

Rich has been giving out lots of free nuggets in his Manifesto, the Missing Chapter, his 90 minute video and his 60 minute conference call recording.

The best part is that it is ALL available from his blog AND you can join his list of subscribers from the blog as well. Oh yes also read the many comments to Richs' posts by his readers, they are also WORTH THE TIME!

Click here to go to Rich Schefren's Blog

If you like it or not I would love to get your thoughts. You can post your comments here.

Smiles :o)


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