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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Free Stuff for Seniors

Hi Gang

Well I have finally resurfaced. I was not lost after all. LOL

Come for a walk with me today. (don't forget to grab a cold drink from the fridge on the way out.
Maybe we can walk down to the marina. (it is a beautiful day here in PEI)

Montague summer days are in full swing this weekend and there are rides and live entertainment at the marina. (enjoy!)

We can find a shady spot and have a rest if you start getting a bit tired.

Oh yes what's free this time? Well tons of stuff cus the link is to a book titled "Free Stuff for Seniors" from Amazon.

Here is the link.

Free Stuff for Seniors

Now there is a fly in the ointment as this book is not free BUT! if you notice there are used books for sale from $0.01. Now that's as close to free as we are going to get eh.

When you consider the wealth of tips between the covers of this book I hope that no one will begrudge a penny. (shipping extra of course) unless you can find an online version.


Well here we are back at Harmony Lane and I know that you have to be going. Please drive safely and come back soon. I will try to share (next time) some of the things that I have been up to over the past month or so. LOL

Take care

Smiles :o)



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