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Friday, July 14, 2006

Do you Blackberry?......Kewl!

Hi everyone

Just in case you are a blackberry user or even know what a Blackberry is.

Check out the Research in Motion site eh. I thought that I would give you a link today to a new blog that I have put up. (in between walks and stuff)

Click here for FREE information on being more organized, productive and flexable in your life.

Two KEYS to having a happy, successful and fulfilling daily routine.

The blog is a project for a 30 day online internet marketing course that I am taking during the month of July 2006.

I was hoping that it would help me with my mental exercising as a stroke survivor and help me learn more about how to use new internet marketing tools that are now available.

So I hope that you do come to know what a Blackberry is (not the berry LOL) and that you find my new Blog a help in making yuor life organized, productive and flexible.

Grab the keys and take that new life car for a spin. (nothing like the smell of a new car)

I know that it is time for you to go but thanks for dropping by and Phil I hope you helped yourself to the colas in the fridge.

Take care and come back soon.

Smiles :o)


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