Harmony Lane

Monday, January 23, 2006

Geneology anyone?

Welcome back to Harmony Lane.

Please come in and take off your coat. I do have a fire going tonight and the teapot is on.

(Yes Phil there is Pepsi in the fridge)

I am sorry for not being around for the past month. I have not been feeling totaly up to par. (due to an "Episode" two weeks ago)

My get up and go has been a wee bit slow....sorry

Well I have to tell ya. After the holidays my aunt who lives in Ontario (Canada) sent me a binder full of family history that she has been working on for the past few years.

She is not a computer person so the information is all in hard copy. I thought that it would be useful if all of this information could be put into a computer program designed for that purpose so that it can be saved as a computer file.

I asked a friend that does Geneology what would be a good program to use. He recomended a program called "Brother's Keeper" so here is a link


This is a "FREE" program (ofcourse) so if Geneology is of interest to you please take a look.

Well I know it is late and you do have to go.

Thanks for dropping by and I promise that I will try to be home more in the future.

Safe home and talk again soon.

Smiles :o)